Programs & Pricing

Two Programs

WinBack Lab

In this program we create an executable playbook for constructing your own WinBack Revenue Engine.  

The playbook is tailor made for your organization based on your goals and priorities with a focus on generating high velocity revenue and increasing customer retention.

WinBack Revenue Engine

This is an ongoing program where we execute on the playbook created in the WinBack Lab to create and optimize your own WinBack Revenue Engine.

WinBack Lab

$9500 - Two Half-Day Sessions


The Lab delivers 3 core outcomes.

1 - Clarity

You’ll get clarity around the value WinBack can deliver to your organization in terms of revenue, ROI, CAC, LTV, profit and increased customer retention.

2 - Strategic WinBack Path

During the Lab we’ll determine the optimal WinBack path for your company based on your vision, goals and priorities.  

3 - WinBack Revenue Engine Playbook

During the Lab we'll create the playbook for constructing your own WinBack Revenue Engine.

This will be your comprehensive guide to creating this new profit center in your business.

What Happens in the Lab?

The Lab is broken up into three tranches.

Mission, Vision & Priorities

We start by looking at what’s important to your organization so we have the context needed to create a WinBack process aligned with your goals and values.

Acquisition & Retention Processes

Next we look at how you acquire and retain customers.  

Your current processes are key to creating WinBack cadences so we’ll be asking a lot of questions about your marketing, sales and customer success processes.

WinBack Revenue Engine Playbook

The bulk of the Lab is devoted to creating the WinBack Revenue Engine Playbook.  

We’ll create a playbook which includes the framework, workflow processes and timelines for the construction of your own WinBack Revenue Engine.


You’ll receive a customized and fully executable playbook to create your own WinBack Revenue Engine which will include:

1.  A detailed plan for identifying, ranking and segmenting your high potential past clients.

2.  A research process for determining why your customers left, what it’ll take to win them back and what’s needed to retain them once they return.

3.  A WinBack path and a detailed workflow process for constructing each segment of the path.

4.  A framework for getting your organization WinBack ready, optimizing the WinBack path and rolling out your WinBack campaign.

WinBack Revenue Engine

$8900 / Month  (3 Month Minimum)

This is an ongoing program where we execute on the playbook created in the WinBack Lab and create your own high performing WinBack Revenue Engine that:

 Generates high velocity revenue
Significantly reduces churn
Increases customer lifetime value